There is so much love for street foods in Nigeria, despite the trendy restaurants with luxury foods to impress Nigerians, they stick to street foods as though it is their means of sustenance. The street foods are always low-priced, handy and delicious, they also have a unique taste that you cannot find anywhere.

Anyone who wants to learn about the Nigerian culture, and their sense of taste, needs to savour the Nigerian street foods, because they are delicious and gives you an unforgettable culinary experience. The varieties of Nigerian food and diverse taste makes you come back for more, as they could serve you as a meal on the go, a snack or an appetizer, because you are stuck in either traffic or you suddenly, crave any of these foods.

Nigerian street food culture cannot be compared to any of the dishes from around the world, as they do not have strange looks or tastes and can be eaten by just about anybody. Some of these foods include:

Akara (Beans Cake): Akara is a deep-fried beans ball made with grounded beans mixed with pepper, onions and other spices. It is a popular street food in Nigeria and can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is called “Kosai” in the northern part of Nigeria, sold with yagi ( suya pepper) or sauce and can be eaten with fried yam or pap. Akara is the best thing to eat on those cold mornings or evenings when you are too tired to cook.

Moin-Moin: Moin-Moin is a delicious pudding made from grounded peeled beans, onion and other spices, which might include palm oil, pepper, fish, seasoning and sometimes-boiled egg. It is a very popular street food in Nigeria and it is mostly wrapped in leaves or nylon.

Puff Puff: Puff Puff is a local Nigerian food that is always spongy, fluffy and delicious. It is made with flour mixed with sugar and other ingredients. Puff puff is also known as the king of small chops or Akara wey go Harvard and it mostly sold by those vendors who sell Akara.

Abacha: Abacha otherwise known as African Salad is a popular Nigerian street food made with dried shredded cassava and other ingredients. Abacha vendors can always be seen on the streets or around some market angles. Abacha is one of the best Nigerian street food and can be served with diced garden-eggs and fish.

Bole and Epa ( Roasted Plantain and Groundnut or fish): Bole (roasted plantain) is a popular and delicious Nigerian street food, you will always find sellers at every street corner. It is a proper lunch every day in Ph city. The combination of Boli and Epa leaves an unforgettable taste. This strret food is so popular that it is celebrated as a festival in Nigeria.

Ewa Agoyin and Agege Bread: Ewa Agoyin is a delicious cooked beans served with spicy stew (tomato and pepper stew). This combination is best taken with the famous Agege Bread. It is so popular that whenever you see Ewa Agoyin sellers, you will always see bread sellers as well.

Suya ( barbecued meat): Suya is a popular Nigerian barbecued meat, fish or chicken sold by the roadside and junctions by Hausa men. You will always find Suya sellers at almost every street angle, and it is sold only at night as it is said to be very delicious only at night. It is sold in different forms, either on a stick or diced into pieces. Suya is eaten with onions, tomatoes, and other suitable veggies and is known as the king of street food in Nigeria.

Corn ( Roasted or Boiled): Maize or corn is a seasonal food in Nigeria but whenever it comes out, you will find sellers at every street junction. They are either roasted or boiled and you will find many Nigerians on a queue waiting to buy either one of them. It is mostly sold with pear or coconut, because it serves as a perfect combination for Corn.. However, when carefully roasted, there are no dark or burnt patches probably because the sellers are experienced in the process.

Plantain Chips: Plantain Chips is a crunchy street snack in Nigeria. They are made either with ripe or unripe plantain. Plantain chips are crunchy, spicy and sold by hawkers on the streets, they are best eaten with cold water or cold drinks.

Boiled Groundnut: Groundnut, is a popular food in Nigeria, usually boiled with salt, which makes them tastier. They are available everywhere, you will find groundnut sellers even on the roads and they are seasonal as well.


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